Types of Funds

The Boerne Area Community Foundation offers numerous fund options, which provide donors with the flexibility to tailor their contributions to achieve their vision and specific charitable goals. A fund at the Boerne Area Community Foundation can be established during the donor's lifetime or in a testamentary bequest, and may be established by an individual, family, corporation, private foundation or other nonprofit organization.

Unrestricted Funds

These are not specifically designated for use by a particular agency, cause, or area of interest. Our board of directors oversees the use of these funds, setting priorities for their use and determining how grants will be distributed to support the charitable needs of the Boerne area. Unrestricted funds give us the ability to respond to pressing and often changing needs in the community.

Donor Advised Funds

These are established by donors who wish to actively participate in the grant making process. Individuals who establish a donor-advised fund recommend grants to charitable projects or organizations they want to support, with oversight provided by the Board of Directors. The donor may receive recognition of the grant awards and maintains continuous involvement in the use of their gift.

Field of Interest Funds

These funds allow donors to support a particular cause or issue without the restriction of naming specific charities. The donor decides the purpose of the fund, such as promoting the arts or supporting youth activities and the Board of Directors identifies projects that will most effectively benefit from these funds. 

Designated Funds

These are established by donors who wish to support a specific charitable organization. If the designated charity ceases to exist, becomes obsolete or significantly alters its mission, our Board of Directors is able to redirect the funds to an organization providing similar services to ensure the donor's original intent will continue in perpetuity. 

Agency Endowment Funds

These can be established by other nonprofit organizations seeking to benefit from professional investment management for their permanent endowment funds. The Foundation provides sound investment management and handles all of the administrative details of the endowment. This allows the agency's staff and board to concentrate on its programs and mission. 

Scholarship Funds

The Boerne Area Community Foundation provides custody, accounting and investment management services for scholarship funds established by individual donors, non-profit organizations, civic clubs and service groups and businesses.  Each donor will establish the criteria for scholarship eligibility and awards and will have sole responsibility for the selection of scholarship recipients.  The BACF will disburse scholarship funds at the direction of the donor and may assist with any necessary follow-up and monitoring of scholarship funds.

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